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  • The Current State 2.15.18

    Feb 15, 2018


    Terrain Park
    Skill Level
     Main Park
     Expert  3  23  Yes, 22'
     South Park  Intermediate / Advanced  4  17  No
     Forest Trail (re-opens 2.16)
     Intermediate  3  21  Yes, 11'
     Wonderland Playground
     Beginner  2  11  No
     Disco Playground
     Beginner  2  4

  • The Current State 11.25.17

    Nov 25, 2017

    Terrain Park
    Skill Level
     Main Park
    Advanced 3
     Forest Trail (reopens 2.16)
     South Park
     Intermediate 4
    Disco Playground
     Wonderland Playground

  • #mammothsopen

    Nov 11, 2017

    Mammoth is open! 95 days after we closed in August our chairs are spinning for shredding once again. We were able to get 4 features set for a modest yet super fun opening weekend set up. Check back for updates as we’re blowing snow nightly and things can happen fast around here.

  • Getting close

    Oct 11, 2017

    As the sun starts to set earlier and the temperature drops there’s an inherent excitement for those who ski and snowboard. It’s as if your body knows what’s around the corner. Now add the late night shred flick viewing parties, snow themed Instagram posts and blogs like this and voila! Froth levels will officially be through the roof before opening day. Which is only 28 days away…

  • Rail Fleet is Ready

    Sep 21, 2017

    File Sep 21, 11 12 55 AM

    September 21 and mother nature is making a statement!

  • Vote for Unbound

    Jun 01, 2017


    Close your eyes and dream of the best terrain park you have ever skied or ridden.

    Is it Main Park this spring? South Park back in December? Or what about the Snake Run in February? With the massive amounts of snow this past season the Unbound crew had the resources to build some of the sickest set-ups of all-time, and what transpired was mind-blowing.

    2017 was a massive year for snowfall. And yes, the parks were buried countless times. Sure enough, by the next sunny day they were dug out and primed for shredding. TJ Dawoud and his Unbound crew manicured those parks like a French poodle providing countless “best days ever” for anyone riding them.

    Vote for Mammoth in the Transworld Snowboarding Resort Poll and in the Newschoolers Park Poll and tell them how hard Unbound kicked ass this season. It takes less than a minute and is pretty darn fun looking back on all the fun had in our terrain parks.

    Click HERE for the TW Resort Poll.
    Click HERE for the Newshoolers Park Poll.

  • The 3 Most Exciting Hours in the History of Snowboarding?

    May 27, 2017

    Brock-Crouch-Superpark21-Mammoth-Chris-Wellhausen-99 (1)

    From the first ride up the Gold Rush Express, you could tell there was something special about Super Park 21. Mammoth Mountain had been pulverized by snow this season and the 5 build teams took full advantage by pushing the largest piles of snow this event has seen. The amount of features was overwhelming, where was one to begin? With good weather and 450 hungry as hell riders, sessions started as soon as the park opened that Monday morning.

    “Have you hit the Woodward Zone? What about that Loon jump through the trees? Mt. Snow built a crazy rail on a spine down on Lost in the Woods! The Mammoth Snake Run is the funnest thing ever!” Riders could not contain themselves as hooting and hollering could be heard echoing throughout the trees for the entire week.

    One build area was casting a rather large shadow (literally) over the park however. The Mammoth jump and hip. With the jump measuring in at 120 feet and the hip towering 40+ feet in the air, the features were giving riders the chills just looking at them. Unfortunately, they were not ready to be hit and after Day 2 came to an end without the features being ready questions began to circulate as to whether or not they would ever be ready to ride. Super Park 22 perhaps?

    Day 3 of Super Park 21 dawned sunny with just a puff of breeze out of the SW and as riders made their way up the chairlift, they saw that TJ Dawoud and his Unbound crew had finished the features and there was now an 11am call time out to those looking to hit the massive piles of snow.

    Brock Crouch, Tyler Flanagan, Jeremy Page and a few other riders started checking their speed on the in-run of the jump. With no mention that he was going to hit the thing, Brock pointed his board downhill, started hauling ass towards the takeoff and cleared it perfectly. What a beast. What transpired over the next 90 minutes was nothing short of mind-boggling. The amount of airtime on the jump was giving riders the chance to spin more, tweak more and go bigger than they had ever gone before. Pat Bridges, Publisher of Snowboarder Magazine shut the session down a little early so the riders could give the hip a go.

    Guess who was lurking at the top of in-run looking to guinea pig the hip? None other than Brock Crouch. Opening up that session was no easy feat and every single rider that hit the cutout hip was a minimum of 20 feet in the air. Sebbe de Buck, Toby Miller and a few others began boosting off the thing as a real session began. Yuki Kodono pushed the highest into the stratosphere with a bs air that was all of 30 feet.

    Sessions can end for a number of reasons but nothing shuts one down faster than someone getting hurt. That is exactly what happened to Wakita Tomoki who caught an edge on the takeoff of the hip and fell 40 feet to the flats. Somehow, the strong Japanese rider made it through the terrifying incident with an ankle injury and a fractured vertebra. Minor injuries in comparison to the severity of the slam. We wish him a fast recovery.

    All told, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that these were the three most exciting hours of snowboarding in the history of the sport.


  • Unbound 20 Birthday Party

    May 02, 2017

    20 years of skiing and snowboarding evolution, 20 years of big jumps, perfect pipes, insane firsts, and 20 years of the best damn parks around. 

    FREE Afterhours Party in the Park

    Celebrate the 2016–17 season and 20 years of Mammoth Unbound with a FREE sunset cruise through Main Park & Forest Trail, a rail garden in lower Main Park, plus a hike-park for the mini shreds.  The Main Lodge Sundeck will be the hangout spot with DJ Rodney-O, beer specials and a BBQ.  And no birthday would be complete without (pink) cupcakes.

    Event Schedule

    4PM–8PM – DJ Rodney O on the Main Lodge Sundeck
              BBQ & Drink Specials (for purchase)
              Unbound 20 Cupcakes & Birthday Bash
              Cornhole & Beer Pong on-snow
    4:30PMUnbound Express Chair 6 Re-Opens
              Main Park is famous for its hot laps. Chair 6 will re-open for a FREE golden-glow shred session.
    4:30–7PM – Chair 6 After-hours Sunset Cruise
              Main Park Rail Garden
              Mini’s Hike Park
              Unbound 20 Tee Shirt Giveaway (while supplies last)
    7PM – Unbound Express Chair 6 Closes
    8PM – Tusks Bar Last Call

    *Times subject to change

    Check Out the Latest Hot Laps Episode

  • Show of Hands

    Apr 22, 2017


    “Skate style”, “skate inspired” and similar terms that compare snowboarding to its far cooler brother skateboarding get thrown around a little haphazardly nowadays. However, Scott Blum’s “Show of Hands” event held in the Transition Park was exactly that. With his vision and the skillset of the Unbound Park Crew the team turned the Tranny Park into a world of hips, bowls, tables and spines. Add to that the coping added to some of the transitions and the hand plant centric course was unlike anything anyone has seen before. Let us hope this is the start of a longstanding event that will push the envelope of skate style snowboarding for years to come.

    - Gabe Taylor

  • 20 Years of Progression

    Apr 18, 2017


    Terrain park progression is manifested in a number of ways. It started in the early 2000’s when Mammoth Mountain began building parks bigger, safer and with more creativity than any other resort in the world. Over the years our builders have pushed the boundaries in a multitude of levels, let’s review.

    Jibs Galore
    – More jibs, more creativity and more fun. This jib only park is an incredible training ground for rail riders and a great spot to hike a feature and learn a new trick. It’s location also makes it a great place to lap when there’s wind or weather.

    South Park
    – Advanced features set up in a fun, flowy fashion has helped countless skiers and riders make the transition to the XL features found in Main Park. And starting with an 18’ halfpipe is the best way to get your edge control dialed before a full run through the park.

    – Our builders put just as much thought and work into our beginner offerings as they do into the intermediate and pro level features found in our other parks. Doesn’t matter what your age is or what you’re sliding on, our Playgrounds help you get better.

    Transition Park
    – Unlike anything you’ve skied or ridden before, 2016 brought us to the next step in progression. Berms, bowls, banks and spines are perfectly manicured into a park that looks like it came straight from your dreams.

    Halfpipes, halfpipes, halfpipes
    – Having won the Transworld Snowboarding resort poll for best halfpipe a number of times, it’s obvious our team puts a lot of work into our pipes. But it’s the wide range of pipes we offer that sets the Unbound apart. 22’ foot in Main, 18’ in South, 12’ in Wonderland and the occasional mini-pipe in Forest Trail. Literally there’s something for everyone.

    Hemlocks – First public big mountain freestyle park opened this year and has re-defined the world of freeriding as we know it. Large to XL features built out of snow have given countless skiers and riders a little taste of the backcountry kicker experience.
  • Legends of the Fall Line 6

    Apr 12, 2017

    Last month the Oakley team took Main Park by storm during Oakley Week, shredding and sending every giant monstrosity that the Unbound crew could conjure up. With endless amounts of snow due to our massive season, the possibilities were endless. Main Park received a mid-season transformation like never before. At the heart of the park was a massive 80-foot step-over style jump, a huge skate inspired extension on the 22-foot quarter pipe and a transition inspired rail line up. The layout provided the perfect opportunity for a fast paced park lap “Legends of the Fall Line”. Riders included Jamie Anderson, Stale Sandbech, Sebastien Toutant, Eero Ettala, Sy Moran, and Craig Gouweloos all of whom completely killed it.

  • Main Park

    Mar 25, 2017

    File Mar 25, 7 53 30 AM

    Next level creativity in upper Main Park.

  • The Transition Park is Open

    Mar 04, 2017

    Tranny Park 3

    Our builders have done it once again. They locked themselves in their snowcats and spent the week building one of the most unique parks we’ve ever seen. Last season, the Transition Park debuted to rave reviews. Its surfy feel and flow resonated with skiers and riders looking to shred something a little bit different. Well, this year the guys took it to the next level. Perfect bowls, snow mounds and transitions all over the place allow for an infinite amount of lines and creativity.

  • DC Hit & Run

    Feb 24, 2017

    One of the best events of the year is upon us. The 2nd annual DC Hit and Run is taking place today, tomorrow and Sunday and if you’re around you don’t want to miss it. This creative event is part banked slalom and part slopestyle contest. Your score on two jump sections and a jib section will be deducted from your overall time. Not the fastest rider out there? Chuck meat on the jumps. Not the best jumper? Haul ass. This format is the brainchild of legendary pro snowboarder Bobby Meeks who states: “We just want to throw an event where you can ride a really fun course as hard or mellow as you want. After another week of dumping snow the Unbound guys whipped together an incredible course that both tests your skills and is a blast to ride. Take a run with DC team rider Anton Chamberlin:

  • Mammoth GP Course Preview with Judd Henkes

    Feb 02, 2017

    Judd has been shredding hard this season and his creative line through this week's U.S. Grand Prix slopestyle course is a thing of beauty. 
  • Most Snow in a Month, Ever

    Jan 25, 2017

    20 Year Storm Collage

    For those keeping track, we just broke our record for snowiest month of all time. All of those El Nino and La Nina years of the 60’s, 80’s and 90’s can now take a back seat to 2017 (Apparently the 70's were dry). Meteorologists were left scratching their heads after a series of atmospheric river events gobbled up lifts and buried two story homes, while providing the entire Eastern Sierra with enough shoveling to last a lifetime.

    Good news: It’s not over yet and we have the months of February, March and April to look forward to. With all this snow we’ll be able to have terrain parks for everyone into the summer.

    Best. Birthday. Ever! Happy 20 Years Unbound!

  • Transworld Snowboarding Park Poll

    Jan 21, 2017

    Transworld Snowboarding teamed up with Snow Park Technologies to present the results of our data-driven Park Poll, ranking the best snowboarding terrain parks across North America. Thanks for the support and rest assured accolades like this just motivate the crew to work even harder at providing the best terrain parks in the world. Check out the article HERE.


  • 15 Feet??

    Jan 10, 2017

    That's right, our storm snow totals are now 10-15 feet,  with more on the way. So what is 15 feet, in real life? We thought we'd look into it. 

    Snow Levels
  • Hot Laps

    Jan 05, 2017

    Both Main and South Park get some love in this fiery edition of Hot Laps. Riders include Greg Bretz, Frank Knab, Garrett Warnick, Teddy Koo and more. 

  • Behind the Scenes of Legends

    Jan 05, 2017

    Legends of the fall Line is a tough series to film and a whole lot needs to go right for it to even happen. Timing, solid riding, interesting features and a perfect park are all part of the equation to make sure this series is a success. Here's a look at Spencer Whiting's helmet cam as he works his way down Forest Trail filming Jimmy Goodman and Shayne Pospisil.